New England Colonies Review Questions

By phillipss  

As we are learning about the 13 Colonies, I am giving mini quizzes each week, but I will have a comprehensive test and project on all the colonies to culminate.  I didn’t want these review questions to be lost.  It would be helpful to keep the knowledge fresh.

  • Name the 4 New England Colonies.
  • What natural resources did the New England Colonies most depend on?
  • What group settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
  • How was this group the same and different from the Pilgrims of Plymouth?
  • Who was the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
  • To what did the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony compare their colony?  Explain what he meant?
  • What did the Puritans value most?  How did this influence their daily lives?
  • How did Puritans ensure all children were educated?  Why was being able to read important to the Puritans?
  • What was daily life like for most Puritans in the New England Colonies?
  • Who was Roger Williams and why is he important?
  • Explain the terms “Liberty of Conscience” and “Separation of Church and State”.
  • Who started the colony of Connecticut and why?
  • What is an example of self-government in the New England Colonies?
  • Describe King Phillips’ War.  Who was involved?  What was the cause?  What was the outcome?
  • The Puritans wanted freedom of religion for themselves, but did not tolerate other religions or ideas.  Give examples that show this lack of toleration.

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