Middle Colony Review Questions

By phillipss  

I’m saving the Middle Colony review questions here so you can keep reviewing.  I still have a couple of kids who haven’t taken the quiz yet as well.  We are wrapping up learning about the Southern Colonies this week.  We will be doing a writing activity for which the students can read their notes.  We will be starting a project towards the end of the week and I will give a 13 Colonies Test next week to wrap up the unit.  You will find Southern Colony review questions on the Homework Page.

  • Name the 4 Middle Colonies.
  • Who founded the colony of New Netherland?
  • Who governed New Netherland?
  • How did New Netherland become New York and New Jersey?
  • Who was William Penn and why was he important?
  • How was Pennsylvania founded?
  • What is a Quaker?  Describe their beliefs.
  • Why were Quakers persecuted in England and by the Puritans?
  • Why are the Middle Colonies more culturally and ethnically diverse than the New England Colonies?
  • Describe ways the Middle Colonies used their natural resources for their economic needs.
  • How were the Middle Colonies the same and different from the New England Colonies?


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