Southern Colony Review Questions

By phillipss  

Here are Southern Colony review questions saved from the homework page.  Keep reviewing questions for all three regions.  We will have an open-note assessment at the end of this week, Friday, February 16th.

  • Name the 5 Southern Colonies
  • What were the natural resources used to make income in the Southern Colonies?
  • Describe a plantation.
  • What is a cash crop?
  • What were common cash crops in the south?
  • Why was slavery so much more a part of the south than other colonial regions?
  • Describe the “Middle Passage”.
  • Describe possible conditions of being a slave.  What was applicable to all slaves?
  • How did slaves fight back against slavery?
  • Describe the social class structure in the Southern Colonies.
  • Describe some aspects of daily life for each social class:  gentry class, middle class, slave class.

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