Causes of the American Revolution Review Questions

By phillipss  

Here are the questions from the homework page for continued discussion and review.

  • Where did the Proclamation of 1763 set the boundary line for colonists to move no farther?
  • Why did England think the Proclamation of 1763 was necessary?
  • Why did it anger colonists?
  • Explain what the Stamp Act required.
  • Why were colonists so upset about paying taxes to England?
  • What were some ways colonists protested against tax laws?
  • Explain what the following words mean:  congress, Parliament, boycott, effigy, repeal, tariff,  protest, treason, representation/representative
  • What does the phrase “No Taxation without Representation” mean?
  • What did the Townshend Acts tax?
  • What did the Quartering Act require?
  • Describe the series of events that took place on the night of the Boston Massacre.
  • What claims were made that pointed to self-defense?
  • What claims were made that pointed to murder?
  • Which side do you believe?  Support your opinion with evidence.
  • Why did John Adams defend the British soldiers even though he was a strong Patriot?
  • Describe your role in the mock trial of the Boston Massacre which we held in class.
  • What was the outcome of the real Boston Massacre Trial?
  • What was the last tax in place after all other taxes were repealed?
  • Describe the “Boston Tea Party”.
  • Who was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?
  • Why were colonists so upset about a small tax on tea?
  • Why did the participants of the Boston Tea Party disguise themselves as Mohawk Indians?
  • Describe your role in the Skype experience.  Were you a loyalist or patriot?  What do each of those terms mean?
  • How were the colonists of Boston punished for the Boston Tea Party?