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American Revolution Review Questions

Here are all questions for material we’ve covered during our American Revolution Unit.  Our test will be on Wednesday, May 16th.  Use these questions to quiz yourself.  Answers can be found in your notebook.  As always, you can earn positive token punches for discussing questions with your parents if they notify me through quick note, […]

Emily Yott Foundation Fundraiser

It is with a full heart that I announce our triad won the Emily Yott Foundation Fundraiser contest, by a landslide!  Our triad brought in $766.69!  We are so touched and grateful for the generosity of our families.  The Emily Yott Foundation was started by one of our own teacher’s (Megan Weir) families after experiencing […]

Causes of the American Revolution Review Questions

Here are the questions from the homework page for continued discussion and review. Where did the Proclamation of 1763 set the boundary line for colonists to move no farther? Why did England think the Proclamation of 1763 was necessary? Why did it anger colonists? Explain what the Stamp Act required. Why were colonists so upset […]

Social Studies Update: Causes of the Revolution

Many exciting things have been happening in social studies class the past couple of weeks.  We had our Skype virtual field trip with the Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston, MA, a formal tea party using real china teacups, and began a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) for the Boston Massacre.  During this exciting time, we […]

French and Indian War

Here are French and Indian War questions from last week’s Homework page to keep reviewing. Who were the sides fighting in the French and Indian War? What territory were these groups fighting over? Why was the territory considered so valuable? How did the French and Indian War begin? How did the British fighting style differ […]

Southern Colony Review Questions

Here are Southern Colony review questions saved from the homework page.  Keep reviewing questions for all three regions.  We will have an open-note assessment at the end of this week, Friday, February 16th. Name the 5 Southern Colonies What were the natural resources used to make income in the Southern Colonies? Describe a plantation. What […]

Middle Colony Review Questions

I’m saving the Middle Colony review questions here so you can keep reviewing.  I still have a couple of kids who haven’t taken the quiz yet as well.  We are wrapping up learning about the Southern Colonies this week.  We will be doing a writing activity for which the students can read their notes.  We […]

New England Colonies Review Questions

As we are learning about the 13 Colonies, I am giving mini quizzes each week, but I will have a comprehensive test and project on all the colonies to culminate.  I didn’t want these review questions to be lost.  It would be helpful to keep the knowledge fresh. Name the 4 New England Colonies. What […]

Social Studies Video Links

Here are some video links for things we have watched in class that students have asked me to post. Jamestown: Plymouth: We only watched the first two videos for this link.  Students might enjoy watching the Wampanoag Village and First Thanksgiving videos.

Social Studies Update

We wrapped up learning about the early English colonies of Roanoke and Jamestown.  The children were really fascinated and engaged by these early colonies.  We learned that Roanoke did not succeed.  The colonists were not well prepared to make it in the wilderness, had conflicts with Native Americans, and had to have their leader return […]