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Southern Colony Review Questions

Here are Southern Colony review questions saved from the homework page.  Keep reviewing questions for all three regions.  We will have an open-note assessment at the end of this week, Friday, February 16th. Name the 5 Southern Colonies What were the natural resources used to make income in the Southern Colonies? Describe a plantation. What […]

Middle Colony Review Questions

I’m saving the Middle Colony review questions here so you can keep reviewing.  I still have a couple of kids who haven’t taken the quiz yet as well.  We are wrapping up learning about the Southern Colonies this week.  We will be doing a writing activity for which the students can read their notes.  We […]

New England Colonies Review Questions

As we are learning about the 13 Colonies, I am giving mini quizzes each week, but I will have a comprehensive test and project on all the colonies to culminate.  I didn’t want these review questions to be lost.  It would be helpful to keep the knowledge fresh. Name the 4 New England Colonies. What […]

Social Studies Video Links

Here are some video links for things we have watched in class that students have asked me to post. Jamestown: Plymouth: We only watched the first two videos for this link.  Students might enjoy watching the Wampanoag Village and First Thanksgiving videos.

Social Studies Update

We wrapped up learning about the early English colonies of Roanoke and Jamestown.  The children were really fascinated and engaged by these early colonies.  We learned that Roanoke did not succeed.  The colonists were not well prepared to make it in the wilderness, had conflicts with Native Americans, and had to have their leader return […]

Social Studies and Science Update

What’s been going on in Room C109?  We wrapped up our unit on Early European Explorers and have moved on to Early Colonies in the New World.  The big concepts I hope your child came away with from European Explorers is that while Christopher Columbus was not the first European to discover America, the impact […]

Social Studies and Science Update

We have spent the last 3 weeks learning about Native American cultural groups.  We studied 5 groups:  Arctic, Pacific Northwest, Plains, Southwest, and Eastern Woodlands.  We primarily used History of Us to read about each group and supplemented with short video clips from the Discovery Education website. I love History of Us, and we will […]

Guiding Principles Spirit Week!

Mark your calendars… the week of October 9th-13th we will be having a Guiding Principles Spirit Week! We want to bring more attention to our 5 Guiding Principles and what better way to do it?  Monday: Get your thinking caps on… it’s Hat Day! Tuesday: Revel in academic responsibility… wear your favorite college gear! Wednesday: Exercise your honesty. Wear exercise […]

Earth, Sun, and Moon Notes

I’m re-posting these notes from the homework page in case I have any kids who need to make up the quiz from Friday or for review. Here are the concepts you need to understand for the quiz, along with videos to review: The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night.  When the Earth […]


We are all looking forward to meeting with you!  Please note that the front office doors WILL BE LOCKED AFTER 3:45!  For those of you who have later times, we have arranged to have DOOR #20 open for you!  This is the north side door that leads into our hallway from the BUS parking lot. […]