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Mid-Year Reminders

Thank you for your support in these matters: It’s that time of year when school supplies need replenished!  These are great stocking stuffers! Students should be bathing regularly, wearing deodorant, brushing their teeth daily, and wearing clean clothes.  Also, students MUST have a coat for outdoor midday.  Students without coats will not go outside. Around […]

Trimester 2 Accelerated Reader Requirements

Trimester 2 Requirements 2 books of student’s choice 1 book that is nonfiction When should my child take quizzes? During midday (they may go outside after quiz is taken) After they finish unpacking/completing bell work every morning After a test or quiz with teacher permission During Independent Reading Time When work is finished What can […]

Christmas Carol Field Trip to IRT

The classes of Haywood, Phillips, and Tice will be going on a field trip to the Indiana Repertory Theatre on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.  We will be attending the IRT Mainstage performance of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.  This IRT annual classic is done in a very creative way and reinforces the themes of […]

Personal Narrative Writing

The students completed and published their personal narrative writing projects today!  I am so proud of the students’ efforts and the way they all turned out.  We spent two full weeks working on these, including a week of revisions.  Graded papers will go home after break so please be watching for them.  I hope you […]