English 9

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ENGLISH 9 (1-2) A two credit course & a Core 40 and AHD course
English 9 students use language as a tool for thinking and learning as they practice in identifying, analyzing, and composing with different elements, structures, and genres of written language. Literature instruction focuses on opportunities to read, comprehend, analyze, and respond to a broad variety of literature. Students will also develop vocabulary and language skills, analyzing the role of diction and syntax in literature. Students will write for various audiences and purposes while strengthening skills in paragraph and multi-paragraph writing. Using technology they will practice the writing process. This process includes: (1) prewriting, including summarizing, analyzing, and evaluating research; defining a problem or question; and outlining; (2) drafting; (3) revising; (4) editing; and (5) publishing. Oral Communication (speech) emphasizes effective listening and speaking techniques and provides opportunities for students to integrate other reading and language arts skills as they learn to express ideas verbally. Students will make presentations as well as become critical discussion participants and listeners.

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