Technical Theatre

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This class explores the behind-the-scenes world of theatre and focuses on play production and stagecraft. Units of study will include: theatre staff and crews, the physical theatre, safety, properties, costumes, stage makeup, scenic design, lighting, and sound. Students will explore the evolution of stage technology and its impact on contemporary theatre. Students will explore career opportunities in theatre and related fields. Students understand the ways technical theatre relies on knowledge of other disciplines, such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and technology. They also understand the ways technical theatre incorporates all the arts. Light design will include the history of stage lighting, the art of design, computer applications in design, and instrument focus, care, and operation. Sound design will include multiple microphone mixing, sound effects, and use, care, and operation of both wired and wireless sound equipment.

Intro  – Scripts and Cues
Week 1 –  The Stage and Sets

  •  parts of a stage
  • types of stages
  • types of sets

Week 2  – Health and Safety in the Theatre

  • local laws and rules

Week 3 –  From Page to Stage

  • Marking the script
  • Cue charts

Week 4  – Design Elements

  •  Flats
  • Platforms
  • Stairs
  • Ramps

Week 5  – Design projects

  • groundplans
  • renderings
  • paper models

Week 6  – Staff & crews

  • theatre career research project

Week 7  – Costumes & Props

  • design and dressing chart
  • classification

Week 8  – makeup

  • design
  • special effects

Week 9  – Rigging and curtains

  • rigging operation

Weeks 10 & 11 –  Lighting

  • instrument care & operation
  • theory and design

Week 12 Sound

  • care & design

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