Theatre Arts

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This course explores the art of theatre with an emphasis on acting. Students will utilize their own personal resources while building their acting skills through creative drama, pantomime, improvisation, role preparation, and characterization. Students will learn to be more expressive, develop self-confidence, develop their voice and diction, and improve their ability to work with others. Students will gain an understanding of the production process from multiple perspectives and will discover how performances are prepared for an audience. Performance skills will include movement, voice, motivation, emotional recall, and sensory recall. Major projects include writing and performing original monologues,
scene work, and stage combat. This is a survey and performance course.

Week One – Welcome to Theatre – Chapter 1

  • Getting to Know You
  • Theatre Games
  • Introduction to Theatre: Reader’s Theatre

Week Two – You and the Theatre – Chapter 2

  • Believing in Yourself
  • Activity: What makes you shine?
  • Working with Others

Week Three – Personal Resources – Chapter 3

  • Observation
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Movement

Week Four – Creative Drama – Chapter 4

  • Narrative Pantomime performance
  • Story Dramatization – performance

Week Five – Developing Your Voice – Chapter 5

  • Vocal Production
  • Vocal analysis

Week Six – Improvisation – Chapter 6

  • Improv games
  • Performances: Situations; Opening line, ending line

Week Seven – Characterization – Chapter 7

  • Creating Characters
  • Writing Original Monologues
  • Perform monologues

Week Eight – The Play and Your Part – Chapter 8

  • Researching the Play – research project
  • Subtext

Week Nine– Taking the Stage – Chapter 9

  • Types of stages
  • Ground plans
  • Body positions

Week Ten – The Production Process – Chapter 10

  • Types of rehearsals
  • Auditioning – select scenes from back of book

Week Eleven – Theatre Appreciation – Chapter 12

  • Theatre Etiquette (audience and performer)
  • Rehearse scenes and related preparatory work
  • Perform scenes

Week Twelve – Stage Combat

  • technique and safety
  • Stage combat scene – perform

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