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One life in one week

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If I found out that I only had one week left to live, I would probably spend the entire first day crying and being generally pitiful; I tend to make a big deal out of little things, and this is definitely a BIG thing.

I would like to think that after that first day, I would pull myself off the couch, turn off Netflix, replenish my supply of Kleenex, take a shower, and go on some adventures. Of course, I would spend as much time with friends and family as possible. I would try to do the responsible adult things of making sure everything in my will was in order and keeping my loved ones in the loop, but assuming that doesn’t take any longer than about a half a day, I would be on a plane with everyone I know and love as soon as possible.

There’s so much in the world I want to see and experience, but I don’t have enough money to do it all right now. I would ask my husband, parents, and best friends in the world to pick one 24-hour experience each so that I could experience all that they want to do with them. Then, I would spend my final hours at home with the people I love the most.

I don’t need a fancy life, but I do have an insatiable wanderlust that I’d like to fill as much as possible. Knowing I’m about to go would help me justify packing up and leaving to see the world.