A few years ago, the state allowed school districts to accept students living outside of the district.  Westfield did not accept such students because of space limitations.  Since we now have some additional space, our school board has agreed to allow a very limited number of non-resident students to attend Westfield Schools.  They must be allowed to attend tuition free since the state now pays the entire general fund.  We will, however, accept only students in good standing at their current schools, meaning they have not been discipline or attendance problems.  They must meet academic criteria to insure they are students that would contribute to the overall success of the district.

    The number accepted would be determined each year and be based on space.  We may have to discontinue this practice as early as next year if growth dictates.  Until then, these students will generate some additional revenue without additional costs to the district.  Appropriately placed, the current student-teacher ratio would be lower than it is today.  Filling these empty seats will not require us to build additional space now or in the future.  When, not if, another building project is needed, this program would be discontinued so that we insure the needs of Westfield students will always be met without adding to the tax burden.