While summer is passing quickly, we have been able to address many projects while the students are gone.  With the current budget being tight, we prioritize the projects to maximize our return.  Student safety and instruction are our two main priorities, followed by maintenance of facilities to offset future costs.  Cosmetic work orders are left till last.

    This summer we have repaired playground cracks at three elementary schools,  installed a new secure front entrance at Oak Trace, addressed sidewalk and roof repair at Shamrock, began gym floor repair at WMS West and resurfaced the tennis courts.  This is in addition to the annual cleaning, maintenance, and grounds work done every summer.

    One major project that was unexpected was the replacement of our chiller at Carey Ridge.  The current system died and we are in the process of installing a new more efficient and quiet system.  We are doing our best to have the system installed by the start of school.  If not, we are looking at options for temporary cooling until our new system is operational.

    We still have many small work orders involving individual classrooms, ranging from repair to painting, to complete. Our Sodexo staff is working hard to make our environment safe and inviting for kids while protecting the investment the taxpayers have made  in our facilities.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated.