While students have been off for the summer, we have been busy with many projects.  The biggest summer project is to write the budget for the following calendar year.  The 2012 budget is moving through the approval process.   The budget will look much like the 2011 budget.  We will add an additional 170 students, but operate with about the same revenue per student.  Most of our cost cutting measures remain in effect.  Our expenses per student continue to decline.

    Like everyone else, we are in an era of competing resources.  Dollars spent in one area must come from another.  Priorities are extremely important under these conditions.  Our number one concern remains the student’s safety and instructional opportunities.  Dollars saved through energy conservation and other initiatives will be directed into the classroom.  Technology purchases will be scrutinized to maximize the impact on instruction.

    Our greatest resource is our people, both students and staff.  The district is achieving some great results due to the unbelievable efforts of our students and staff.  They continue to push the bar higher during poor economic times.  We continue to look for ways to keep the “competing resources” from negatively impacting our students.  Any suggestions from the community are welcome.