Recently, television stations have reported cases of poor air quality in some area schools and the state is in the process of putting new requirements in place to insure air quality is being tested.  Our district has always taken a proactive approach to this issue.  Our buildings are tested during and after any construction. We also test whenever a building principal makes a request or we have a reason to expect anything.  We take the “better to be safe than sorry” approach.

    We have never had an unfavorable test result in any of our school buildings.  Every test done on a school building has shown the internal air qualitiy to be better than the outside air.  This is not surprising since outside air is pumped into our buildings through an extensive filter system.   The one negative test on the Sodexo building was addressed and has since been retested with positive results. 

    We will continue to monitor the air in all of our buildings and will implement the state recommendations as they are finalized.  We will continue to insure that we have a safe environment for both students and staff.