While most people are trying to enjoy the autumn weather, we are busy preparing for the inclement weather we experience in Indiana. Our goal is always  to insure the safety of everyone. While we hate to delay or cancel school, we make our decisions on safety first. The decisions are based on the information we are given at that time. The results are as unpredictable as the weather itself. We understand that whatever decision is made it is going to be unpopular with someone, but we try to look at all factors. Those factors are temperature, wind chill, conditions of the roads, bus stops and our parking lots, and weather reports.

    We are making sure our equipment is working and salt is available. Our transportation department and bus drivers have  always done a great job dealing with extreme conditions.  We will be putting our buildings into winter mode after fall break. Parents will again be contacted by Global Connect messages to inform them of any school delays or closings. The local television stations will continue to send out the same information and you can call our central office or go to our web page.

    No student will be penalized for being late on a day of inclement weather. Parents can always use their own best judgment as to whether it is safe to come to school or to allow their student to drive their personal vehicle.

    Here is hoping for a mild winter.