As the budget year comes to a close, it is appropriate to report on how we have done and what the future might bring.
    On the positive side, due to the community support in passing the referendum, we were able to maintain our programs and staff. This allows to to continue to offer the type of instructional programs our community and parents expect and our students deserve. The academic successes of WWS have been significant this year, but some of these successes would be hard to accomplish without the financial resources provided to us.

    On the negative side, the tax caps and decreasing assessed values present a huge challenge to our non-instructional budget. Loss of revenue due to tax caps is over 5 million dollars. Even with this loss of revenue, we must make our debt payments. We must make up this loss by cutting expenses, reducing maintenance and transportation, and reducing the purchase of new buses. We continue to look for ways to reduce the impact debt has on our budget.

    We will make every attempt to maintain, or lower, our existing tax rates. This is hard to do with assessed valuations decreasing over the last three years. Budget year 2012 does not look like much of an improvement, but 2013 shows some light at the end of the tunnel. As taxable assessed value increases, every taxpayer can pay less.

    As difficult as these times are, we appreciate how blessed we are to work in this community and school district. We will continue to provide the best for kids while being fiscally responsible.