The district continues to struggle with reduced revenue. As stated in previous blogs, the tax caps and declining assessed values have negatively impacted our district harder than most. While pending legislation at the statehouse may help somewhat, until property values trend back up and the economy recovers, we will have to operate with less money.

    That being said, we continue to lower our non-instructional dollars per student and push more of our remaining dollars into the classroom. While we spend less overall dollars per student, we have been able to provide more opportunities to our students.

    Two significant ways to accomplish this is to reduce our utility costs and to restructure our debt. A tremendous amount of work by many people has gone into reducing our utility costs. Everyone’s patience as we worked through the program is appreciated. Remember, every dollar saved goes to balancing our overall budget and providing better instructional opportunities.

    Debt payments will continue to be a big part of our overall budget, but we continue to explore ways to minimized that impact. It will take some time to see our progress in this area.

    During the toughest of times, we have not changed our goals of offering the best for our students through sound fiscal practices. While dollars may be limited our best asset is still the quality of our students, parents, and staff. For that, we remain blessed.