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I am utilizing an amazing book to support my students getting ready to transition to the middle school.  The book is titled,  My New School: A Workbook to Help Students Transition to a New School.  The book is targeted for students ages 4-10.  I have found it easily modified to fit the needs of a variety of ages.  If you are interested in exploring this book, we are fortunate to have a copy in the Westfield Autism Library, located at Maple Glen Elementary.   Here is a summary of the book:

For many students with autism spectrum disorders, even relatively minor changes to their daily routines and schedules are overwhelming; imagine how traumatic moving to a new school would be! Written by somebody who truly knows kids, this interactive book addressed directly to the student takes a practical and honest approach to this anxiety-provoking subject by acknowledging the difficulties transferring to a new school can bring and engaging the students in a series of proactive activities designed to lessen his fears by resulting in tangible steps to take, to-do lists, checklists, etc. Whether the transfer is due to a typical transition between school levels, a family move, divorce or whatever, this book is sure to make the transition smoother.

My observations:

1.  Reduces overall anxiety.

2.  Connects students to staff and building prior to the actual transition.

3.  Encourages students to identify their individual strengths and areas of challenge.

4.  Supports relationship building with staff.

5.  Provides self-assessments, check-lists, and “to do” lists to promote a smooth transition. 

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