School Health Clinics now have visual supports

Members of WAT have provided WWS school health clinics visual aids and a communication binder to use with students who are experiencing limited verbal capability to express concern or worry.  The school nurses have been utilizing the binder for a variety of situations.  Each health clinic has also been provided two posters listing stress reduction strategies and phrases as well as a calm/soothing picture.  Each poster housed at health clinics in each elementary school, WIS, and WHS were created by WHS art club students.  The posters housed at WMS health clinic were created by WMS art club students.  WAT members would like to thank WMS and WHS art teachers and students involved in the development of these posters.  WAT members would also like to thank the district school nurses for their continued dedication & devotion to the health & safety of district staff, students, & families.

Feeling Communication board

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