Science/Social Studies

Friday, May 26- Cruisin’ on into 7th Grade!

Thursday, May 25– Cruise Day! Cruisin’ on into 7th Grade!

Wednesday, May 24– Shortened schedule; continued Mayan investigation.

Tuesday, May 23– Middle Ages/Renaissance assignments completed and turned in.  *Ancient Civilizations in Mexico

Monday, May 22– In class Middle Ages/Renaissance assignments.

_____________   ______________  ___________

Friday, May 19-Focus on the Renaissance! Students are completing in-class assignments using their notebooks, binders, presentation notes, and class textbooks. Assignments will be collected for a grade.

Thursday, May 18-Focus on the Renaissance! Students are completing in-class assignments using their notebooks, binders, presentation notes, and class textbooks.

Wednesday, May 17– Field Trip to IMS!

Tuesday, May 16– Renaissance Cafe! Students will present to their classmates. *Field Trip tomorrow! Dress for the weather and remember your lunch! *Students who did not present today, will present Thursday to start class!)

Monday, May 15– Mini-Research Project due tomorrow! Students may glue their final draft and final stamp to construction paper when they arrive at school. Be sure to double check the grading rubric on the back of the packet!

__________   _____________   ______________

Friday, May 12–  *Mini-Research project is due Tuesday at our class Renaissance Cafe. Be sure to double check the grading rubric!

Thursday, May 11– Students should be writing their rough draft of their essay (in 1st person) and creating their rough draft sketch of their stamp. Final copies of essay typed or written in blue/black ink.   *Mini-Research project is due Tuesday, May 16th. Tomorrow is the last in class research day!

Wednesday, May 10–  *Mini-Research project is due Tuesday, May 16th. We have half class time today with library books and encyclopedias  for research and the other continued learning about the Renaissance.

Tuesday, May 9–  *Mini-Research project is due Tuesday, May 16th. We have half class time today with computers and folders of printed website information for research and the other half continued  learning about the Renaissance..

Monday, May 8– *Mini-Research project is due Tuesday, May 16th. We had half class time today with computers and folders of printed website information for research and the other half learning about the Renaissance..

Friday, May 5– Continued learning about the Middle Ages. *Mini-Research project assigned today, and is due Tuesday, May 16th. We will have half class time each day as research and the other continued learning about the Renaissance.

Thursday, May 4– Hierarchy  of Medieval Society

Wednesday, May 3– The Fall of Rome has lead us to the Middle Ages. *Islam Spreads Rapidly sheet completed for tomorrow

Tuesday, May 2- IUPUI Center for Environmental Science Education Specialist  here for last day of outdoor lab!

Monday, May 1– IUPUI Center for Environmental Science Education Specialist  here for outdoor lab!

______________    _______________   _____________

Friday, April 28– ISTEP- shortened classes: CSI- Julius Caesar

Thursday, April 27– ISTEP- shortened classes: The Fall of Rome and the rise of Christianity.

Wednesday, April 26– ISTEP- shortened classes: The Power  Struggle of Roman Government

Tuesday, April 25– ISTEP- shortened classes: The Rise of the Roman Republic

Monday, April 24– ISTEP- shortened classes: we checked the Roman Empire magazine questions and made sure students had the correct answers. This will be used a as study resource! We also colored a map of the Roman Empire and read a passage about the beginning of the Republic. *No assignment.

______________     ______________   ____________

ISTEP begins Monday for 6th graders!

Friday, April 21-  We started class with Exploration, reviewing energy transfer from earlier this year, then we took our Rome quiz, and reviewed textbook reading about Rome (pages 392-399)

Thursday, April 20– Rome quiz tomorrow! Students need to know the vocabulary circled on their vocabulary sheet and what is on their All About the Roman Republic note sheet for the quiz.

Wednesday, April 19-We completed our Rome notes and began student magazine in class. *Rome quiz Friday! Students need to know the vocabulary circled on their vocabulary sheet and what is on their All About the Roman Republic note sheet for the quiz.

Tuesday, April 18– *The Etruscans and the Beginnings of Rome Knowledge Check questions due tomorrow. *Rome quiz Friday!

Monday, April 17– We made catapults that are similar to trebuchets today. We also watched to move on to the Roman Empire!


Friday, April 14-Quiz today! We will be reviewing before the quiz is given.

*Absent Students* Review Video shown at the start of class Friday

Thursday, April 13– ISTEP Practice Test for Science and Social Studies. *Greek Gods and Goddesses sheet due Friday. *Quiz Friday! Students should be reviewing their vocabulary and resources in their binder*Quiz tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 12-*Greek Gods and Goddesses sheet due Friday. *Quiz Friday! Students should be reviewing their vocabulary and resources in their binder.

Tuesday, April 11-Stations completed and corrected in class today; assignment due tomorrow is Historical Timeline. *Quiz Friday!

Monday, April 10– Continued Stations from Friday; Greece Quiz later this week! Students should be reviewing station work and notebook. *Quiz Friday!

*Plans may change slightly due to ISTEP Practice Tests*

__   ______   ______   _____  _______    ____


Thursday, March 30– Station work continues with a couple fun activities from Greek life! *Notebooks collected at the end of class.

Wednesday, March 29– Athens and Democracy questions due tomorrow, if not finished in class. Station work with Greek history in class. *Notebooks will be collected for a quick-check grade on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 28–  *No quiz this week! Continuing to build Ancient Greek knowledge. *Notebooks will be collected for a quick-check grade on Thursday.

Monday, March 27– Notebooking and discussion in class today; students were given Section 2 questions which were not given Friday to begin. We will continue the questions with discussion tomorrow. *Quiz over Chapter 8 Sections 1 and 2 (pages 382-397)on Wednesday

_____________   ______________   ___________

Friday, March 24–  Social Studies book section 2 read for today; Students page 392 and begin reading. Map of Greece completed. 

Thursday, March 23–  Myths introduced; students watched short video and completed “What is a Myth” sheet; this will be collected tomorrow.   

Wednesday, March 22– Watched a short video, read and discussed pages 382-389; students are to find the definitions for the five Key Terms and complete the three Reading Check questions on their paper. Think critically questions are for tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 21– We are starting our discovery about the amazing Grecians! Completing vocabulary, reading Chapter 8 Section 1 today and completing the reading checks as we go. *Students may check out a textbook to complete their vocabulary and/or reading check questions, if not completed in class.

Monday, March 20– Station Work continued to complete reviewing latitude, longitude, economic terms, investments, science articles, and main idea for science information. Then we began our exploration of Ancient Greece! There is so much amazing information to learn! *In-class work today

_______________      __________________   __________________

Friday, March 17th–  We started Station Work today reviewing latitude, longitude, economic terms, investments, science articles, and main idea for science information. We will continue these on Monday!

Thursday, March 16- Exploration to start class! Using what students have learned in Science,  SRT, and Exploration this year  to create and test a Straw Rocket! In class, we investigated Checking, Credit Cards, and Savings, before we started station work.

Wednesday, March 15- Living on a Dollar a Day- What can we do? discussion, completed GDP sheet, and looked at GDPs and the GDP per capita of countries around the world. The size of the population and the country’s GDP does really impact the standard of living. *Finished with Cog At testing!*

Tuesday, March 14–  “Living on a Dollar a Day” Response Discussion today, continued Economic Growth notes, experienced a  gross domestic product activity with bananas and reflected about what life is like in other countries.

Monday, March 13- We completed our documentary, “Living on a Dollar” today. We dove deeper into the GDP and what it means for countries around the world.  *All in-class activities during Cog At testing. *Second Chance for some students on Thursday at midday; the students know if they were offered.

___________   _____________   _______________

Friday, March 10- Guest Speakers this afternoon! What a difference between Westfield living and Tanzania!

Thursday, March 9- A Day in the Life of a Dollar Bill comic strip due by the end of the day tomorrow- rubric on the back. Economic Quiz on tomorrow; be sure to study vocabulary from Chapter 5 in notebook and sheets in binder. Books are available to check out, if needed!

Wednesday, March 8-  A Day in the Life of a Dollar Bill comic strip due by the end of the day Friday- rubric on the back. Economic Quiz on Friday; be sure to study vocabulary from Chapter 5. Books are available to check out!

Tuesday, March 7- Began “Living on a Dollar” during our  Bell Work time.  Good Economist Badge activity today; continued investigation of different types of economy.

Monday, March 6- Exploration to start class today. Back in class, we watched a short NBC Learn video about economics and began learning about GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  *Be sure your child has  permission turned in (slip or email) to begin the movie tomorrow as Bell Work.

_____________    ______________    ______________

End of Trimester 2 

Friday, March 3-ISTEP completed for this round! We began to explore different types of economies and government control/input across our world. *Students are coming home with a permission slip to watch “Living on a Dollar a Day” beginning next week. I ask for a parent/guardian signature to ensure notification of some inappropriate language is in the video.

Thursday, March 2– ISTEP/shortened class:Economy- vocabulary continues

Wednesday, March 1– ISTEP/shortened class: Economy- beginning to learn vocabulary; station work continues.

Tuesday, February 28– ISTEP/shortened class: Station work continues. *No assignment

Monday, February 27– Station work: latitude and longitude, and informational text. *No assignment

_____________    ________________   _____________

Friday, February 24– Practiced longitude and latitude locations. Discussed regions, movement and investigated  human-environment  interaction. *In-class work

Thursday, February 23– We added longitude and latitude notes to our notebooks, watched a Brain Pop,  reflected on what we know,  and began a practice sheet *In-class work

Wednesday, February 22–  Exploration review of Earth and Space. ISTEP responses reviewed and continuation of Core Concepts. *In-class work

Tuesday, February 21– Introduction of Social Studies! We began Core Concepts needed for Social Studies. *In-class work

Monday, February 20– NO SCHOOL

____________    _____________    _____________

Friday, February 17– ISTEP Practice Book question to be completed and any remaining presentations. *Onto Social Studies next week!

Thursday, February 16– ISTEP response question 3 practice and  presentations; student audience is taking notes during presentations.

Wednesday, February 15– ISTEP response question 2 practice. Last day for project group work. *Project presentations Thursday and Friday!

Tuesday, February 14– ISTEP response practice question to understand how questions are scored. Research and project work continued.

Monday, February 13– Bill Nye Biodiversity video to start class; research for Biome project

____________    _______________    _____________

Friday, February 10– Exploration Lab today to start class! It is always a great opportunity to put our knowledge into practice. *Students received their biome project information today! 

Thursday, February 9– Chapter 9 Lesson 4 started today! Students are to complete the Who Am I? Chapter 9 Lessons 4 vocabulary for tomorrow! A biome project is coming!

Wednesday, February 8–  Who Am I? vocabulary review, Chapter 9 Lessons 1-3 review sheet (all correct answer given at the end of class) , and BrainPop cycles review. No assignment, quiz tomorrow! 

Tuesday, February 7– Big Review for Chapter 9 Lessons 1-3; Brain Pops and Slide Show with discussion. Assignment * Cycle of Matter sheet 333G  due tomorrow, if not finished in class. Quiz on Thursday! 

_________      ______________    ______________

*Remember, no school Monday, February 6th! 

Friday, February 3-Please review vocabulary for Chapter 9 Lessons 1-3 over the long weekend! *Quiz will be coming next week!

Thursday, February 2– We reviewed Lessons 1 and 2 , and we investigated food chains and food webs. Students are to have Photosynthesis page 317 D&F finished for class tomorrow; a quiz will be coming next week.

Wednesday, February 1– Reading and completing questions for Lesson 2 along with vocabulary for Lessons 1 and 2 in order to be ready for class discussions on Thursday is the focus. *A quiz is coming early next week!

Tuesday, January 31– We had Exploration to start class and the students “loved” the Madagascar Cockroaches! 🙂 Back in class, students finished reading and answering questions in Chapter 9 Lesson 1. We also discussed again that we want to take care of  Earth and that we do not want chemicals to be in our soil. We created pudding and cookies model of a soil sample.

Monday, January 30–  Exploring the introduction of Chapter 9. Students are to read and complete the questions for pages 312-314, and identify (underline definitions with red pen)  all the vocabulary words for Lesson 1; anything not completed during independent work time is to be finished for tomorrow.

____________      ________________      ___________

Friday, January 27-  Chapter 8 test today. In-class continued work on A.C.E.S.

Thursday, January 26– Bill Nye and continued chapter review today!

*Chapter 8 Test is tomorrow! Check out Bill Nye as another review! Don’t forget the study plan with an adult signature to receive extra credit!

Wednesday, January 25– In-class review sheets, games, and PowerPoints to prepare for the test Friday. *Chapter 8 Test is Friday!

Tuesday, January 24*Chapter 8 Study Plan is the assignment; students are to create a study plan sharing how they will be studying for this test Tuesday-Thursday.The study plan is due tomorrow. *If  students return it signed on test day, they will receive extra credit!  *Chapter 8 Test is Friday! 

Monday, January 23– We reviewed Lesson 3 and worked on Lesson 4 today in class with the book and PowerPoints. Students are to complete the vocabulary, if not finished in class.  *Chapter 8 Test is Friday!


___________       __________________      ____________

Friday, January 20- Chapter 8 Lessons 1 and 2 quiz today! We began Lesson 3 Matrix in class and continued with some small groups.

Thursday, January 19– Exploration lab today! Back in class, we reviewed Lessons 1 and 2, worked on creating our own ecosystems and had some small groups focusing on A.C.E.S. The small groups will continue after the quiz Friday!*Quiz over Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday! 

Wednesday, January 18– We explored into Lessons 1 and 2 today using their knowledge of new vocabulary. *Living Things and the Environment sheet (279 F&G) need to be completed for tomorrow. Quiz over Lessons 1 and 2 on Friday! 

Tuesday, January, 17– Students are completing Chapter 8 Lessons 1 and 2 during class; if we are not able to complete it all, we will continue Wednesday in class.  *Lesson 2 vocabulary sheet is to be completed for class tomorrow! 

______     _______    _______     _______     _______

Friday, January 13– Our first look into Chapter 8! Students are completing a THIEVES sheet and Lesson 1 vocabulary today; these will be homework if not finished in class.

Thursday, January 12- We are beginning our new unit of study – Populations and Communities, Chapter 8. We learned about the Burmese pythons and their invasion of Florida utilizing articles and video reports.  Students completed questions using the ACES format during class today.

Wednesday, January 11–  Chapter 7 OPEN BOOK test taken today; finished the class solar system model.

Tuesday, January 10– We finished Chapter 7 Lesson 6; we reviewed and continued work on our class solar system. *Chapter 7 OPEN BOOK test tomorrow! 🙂 

Monday, January 9–  We are in the Science Exploration Lab to start class then continuing on into Lessons 5 and 6. *Outer Planets sheet completed for tomorrow!

Google Slides for the lessons:

Friday, January 6– Quiz today over Lessons 1-3; continued study of the inner and outer planets in class. *Chapter 7 TEST on Wednesday! 

Thursday, January 5– Completing the vocabulary sheet and lesson’s review with correct answers in preparation for the quiz tomorrow. The sentence for students to use to help with planet order: My very educated mother just served us noodles.  

*Students should be continuing their review at home for the quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4– In class, we continued learning about the features of the sun; students began a vocabulary sheet and quiz review sheet which will be completed in class tomorrow. *Keep reviewing Lessons 1-3! 

Tuesday, January 3–  We started class with a quick review of Lesson 2. We added to our composition notebooks.We also watched Bill Nye The Sun and then completed Lesson 3. *Students have a quiz over Chapter 7 Lessons 1, 2, and 3 on Friday. 

______________    _______________

Friday, December 16– Have a FANTASTIC break! See you in 2017!

Thursday, December 15– Why does that Bottle Flipping work?

Wednesday, December 14– We used our measurement knowledge and created Sock Snowmen!

Tuesday, December 13– We investigated Chapter 7 Lesson 2; students need to continue  reviewing vocabulary words.

Monday, December 12–  We went to the Exploration Science Lab today. We investigated different chemicals and how by heating them, the flame changed colors. In class we completed an Informational Text sheet for Chapter 7, and watched a PBS solar system video.

________    ______________    ____________

Friday, December 9–  We completed a review sheet about Chapter 7 Lesson 1. *No assignment today. 

Thursday, December 8– Learning about our Solar System was our agenda today! It is amazing to think of the universe around us. *No assignment today.

Wednesday, December 7– We began our investigation of the solar system and the sheer size of it! We created a planet information collection booklet and added it to our notebooks. We also finished our Kids Discover magazine exploration. Chapter 7 will continue tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 6– Test  Day! Students are taking Chapter 6 test today and will begin exploration into our solar system. *No assignment

Monday, December 5–  REVIEW DAY! 🙂 We reviewed Chapter 6, completed the review in the textbook as well as with out interactive resources. Students must have their study plan extra credit sheet with them and signed by an adult tomorrow when class begins to get credit! *Chapter 6 test tomorrow! 

______    ____________    __________    _________

Friday, December 2– We reviewed Lessons 5 and 6 today. Students have a Chapter Review sheet which they may began/complete for Monday. They also have an Extra Credit Study Plan sheet with them. Completing the Review Sheet can be part of their study plan this weekend.   *Test over Chapter 6 on Tuesday! 

Thursday, December 1Science Exploration Lab Day! We continued our in-class stations about Comets today! *Students are to read and complete questions for Chapter 6 Lesson 6 for tomorrow’s class.   *Test over Chapter 6 on Tuesday! 

Wednesday, November 30– *Quiz over Chapter 6 Lessons 1-3 today! We began learning about tides today with Lesson 5, and class station work.

Tuesday, November 29– We went over our assignment, reviewed Lessons 1-3 vocabulary, completed our in-class labs, and investigate how the Sun, Earth, and Moon would be different with changes. (Not having gravity, changes in mass for Earth and/or the Sun). *Quiz over Chapter 6 Lessons 1-3 tomorrow!

Monday, November 28– Welcome back! We reviewed Lessons 1-3, completed an eclipse lab and completed a moon lab today in class. *Complete page 197 D and F for tomorrow, if not finished in class. *Quiz over Chapter 6 Lessons 1-3 on Wednesday! 

________________      _________      _____________

Tuesday, November 22- Article of the Week in class, and completing Lesson 4.

Monday, November 21– Lesson 4 was the focus today! Students should be reviewing Lessons 1-3 in Chapter 6.

____________    _____________    ____________

Friday, November 18– We shared our questions and answers from yesterday, watched a short PBS video, read lesson 3  and completed questions as we read.

Thursday, November 17– Chapter 6 Lesson 2 discussion; vocabulary added for the lessons. We watched two PBS video clips; one about the solar eclipse of the century and another about the origin of the moon (PBS). *Students received a question they are to answer for class tomorrow. 

Wednesday, November 16– Science Lab today! Simple Machines was our focus; ask a student what simple machines they use in their daily life! *Students need to read and complete questions for Lesson 2 in Chapter 6 for class tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 15 (Shortened Class due to Kind Campaign)- We checked The Sky from Earth sheet together and discussed questions students had. Students are keeping this in their binder. We completed the questions in Lesson 1 and will be ready for Lesson 2 to tomorrow.

Monday, November 14– We are beginning Chapter 6, the study of the positions of Earth, moon, and sun. *The Sky from Earth sheet (front and back) is due tomorrow in class.

______     ________      ________    _________   ______

Friday, November 11–  We had a magical magnetic lab investigation! The students experimented with different types of magnets.

Thursday, November 10– We created a roller coaster with rolls of foam insulation and a ping-pong ball. Students had a blast and were able to utilize what they learned about potential and kinetic energy. 🙂

Wednesday, November 9–  We finished science stations, and watched a Bill Nye Heat video.

Tuesday, November 8–  Chapter 5 test today. Students continued  science stations and had an opportunity to make Veteran’s Day cards.

Monday, November 7–  Energy Stations! Review different types of energy as you investigate your stations. *Chapter 5 Test tomorrow! Be sure to review the Study Guides at the end of each chapter as a quick review. There will be questions  from past chapters on science tests.  Don’t forget your extra credit sheet!

____________      _____________      _____________

Friday, November 4- Field Trip day!

Thursday. November 3- Science Lab day!   Don’t forget sack lunch for field trip tomorrow! *Vocab quiz retake at midday today for missing 3 or more questions; grades will be averaged between the two quizzes. Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday! 

Wednesday, November 2– Vocabulary quiz today over Lessons 1 and 2.   Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday! 

Tuesday, November 1- Students continued completing activities from yesterday. Quiz over Chapter 5 Lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary tomorrow.

Monday, October 31-  We learned more about different types of potential energy and their equations. We started inquiry warm-ups with  “How Fast and How Far”, Read Works article, and Study Jams which will continue tomorrow.  Students have a quiz over Chapter 5 Lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday. They should be learning all those vocabulary terms!

__________    ____________    _____________

Thursday, October 27- Students have a What is Energy sheet (two- sided) for Chapter 5 Lesson 1 due when class begins tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 26-  We started class with an inquiry warm-up: “How High Does a Ball Bounce” to investigate the amount of kinetic energy a ball has when it is dropped at different heights.

  • We reviewed the differences in Power, Work, and Energy.
  • We investigated Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy facts.
  • A few groups started “Will You Hurry Up?” Inquiry warm-up; this will be completed by the end of the week.
  • Students need to have read Chapter 5 Lesson 1 for class tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25– We began our class in the science lab investigating more into states of matter. We completed six station activities and two group demonstrations. To finish up class, we added Snapple Facts for Power, Energy, and Work then investigated nonfiction text features using a THIEVES sheet.

Monday, October 24– We began investigating energy! We watched a Bill Nye video to start us off!

___________     _____________    ________________

Friday, October 14- Science Test today over Chapters 3 and 4! Have a wonderful break!

Thursday, October 13- Review day! We reviewed Chapters 3 and 4 and completed the chapter reviews. We also played fun games! TEST tomorrow over Chapters 3 and 4; don’t forget the extra credit opportunity!

 Wednesday, October 12- Students received an extra credit opportunity for their science test Friday. Students earn the extra credit by creating their study plan on the back of the sheet, completing their plan, and returning the sheet with a parent signature on Friday at test time. The sheet must be returned sign on Friday at the test time. No late sheets will be accepted.

*Science Test Friday over Chapter 3 and 4! 

Tuesday, October 11- Returned graded assignments, which were due yesterday, finished reading Chapter 4, learned about the Atoms Family , and began working on Chapter 4 Review sheet, which will be graded at the end of class tomorrow. *Chapter 3 and 4 test Friday! 

Monday, October 10– Collected assignments from last week, States of Matter and Chapter 3 Lesson 1 & 2 Quiz review, added vocabulary words to our composition notebooks,  and continued on in Chapter 4. Chapter 3 and 4 (combined) test moved to FRIDAY, October 14th! (Use the extra day to study!)

_________   ___________  ___________  ___________

Thursday, October 6- We are continuing to learn about states of matter. We investigated observations of matter, both physical and chemical, in class today.We also worked on Chapter 3 Lesson 2. We will continue on Monday. *Students need to have States of Matter and Chapter 3 Lessons 1 and 2 papers completed for class Monday. Test over Chapter 3 and 4  will be Thursday, October 13. (Test may change to Friday depending on class needs.)

Wednesday, October 5– Science lab for half of class today conducting our own chemical and physical change investigations. In class we are beginning our study of Chapter 4 in our Science book. *Test for Chapter 3 and 4 will be next Thursday, October 13. 

Tuesday, October 4– We are finishing up our studies with IUPUI Environmental scientists. It has been a great experience for all! *Assignment– Keep reviewing Chapter 3; there will be a test next week over Chapter 3 and 4!

Monday, October 3– We are learning about biodiversity with IUPUI Environmental scientists. We will be outside with them tomorrow, so be sure to dress for the weather! *Assignment– Keep reviewing Chapter 3; there will be a test next week over Chapter 3 and 4!


Friday, September 30-  We learned more about atoms with protons, neutrons, and electrons. We created several atoms models today! Remember- Outdoor Classroom Monday and Tuesday next week!

Thursday, September 29- We are learning new science terms and how those Greek and Latin word parts assist us in understanding what words mean. We completed pages 107-111.

Wednesday, September 28- Today, we completed pages 101-106 in class and discussed our new learning. Students should continue to review Chapter 3 Lessons 1-3.

Tuesday, September 27- We are diving into lesson 3 today! We are rotating in stations for pages 98-101, and beginning other station work.

Friday, September 23- We are completing a review sheet, adding to our notebooks,  learning about lesson 2, and recapping our learning.

Thursday, September 21-Science Lab- Float that Boat! Students are using multiple design options to create a boat which will hold weights, recording their progress, and their reflections. Back in class, we reviewed Lesson 1.

Wednesday, September 21-  Today, we began our exploration of atoms! Students worked at stations and we will complete stations tomorrow after our trip to the science lab. Tomorrow is the WIS Math and Family Night! Please plan to join us!

Tuesday, September 20–  Students met with me on their Chapter 2 test results and their midterm grades. We added two new Greek/Latin prefixes, endo and exo, into our science notebooks.  Science book pages 89-91 were discussed and questions checked. *Keep reviewing physical and chemical properties!

Monday, September 19– Students took Chapter 2 Test today. After the test, we watched the introduction of matter “Untamed Science”.  Students are to have read and completed questions on pages 84-89 in their science book for tomorrow.

_____             _______        _______       ________      ___

Friday, September 16– We finished reading and completing questions on pages 72-77. We also played  Plickers to review for the test. Chapter 2 Test is Monday! The test is primarily multiple choice with a few response questions.

Thursday, September 15–  We graded and reviewed using our Review Packet from stations and then  had a POP QUIZ today (five questions total of 10 points). We continued in our book with pages 66-71 (both reading, discussing, and answering questions).  Students should be reviewing papers in their binder and chapter 2 in their science book. Chapter 2 test Monday!

Wednesday, September 14-Continuing to grow our knowledge in Tools of Science!We completed the last rotation for our stations today.We read and discussed pages 62-66 in our science book as a class.Lesson Review packet from stations is due when class begins tomorrow. Students should be reviewing papers in their binder and chapter 2 in their science book. Chapter 2 test Monday!

Tuesday, September 13– We had station work today in class. Students have new lesson pages in their science binders.  Students should be reviewing vocabulary, chapter pages, and papers in their binders to prepare for the Chapter 2 test on Monday!

Monday, September 12- We continued our understanding of the Tools of Science with  station lab stations today! We also read and completed questions on pages 58 and 59. * Measurement and Math in Science sheet completed from Friday will be collected tomorrow!

*Science Test over Chapter 2 will be NEXT Monday, September 19th!

—–     ——     ——    ——-    ——-    ——-     ——–    ——–

Tuesday, September 6- We are working on pages 40, 41, 44, and 45 today. We are reading the text, answering the questions, and exploring density. Students are also completing a Venn diagram of mass vs weight. We reviewed  how to  measure a graduated cylinder with this:

Wednesday, September 7– We are working on pages 46-49 reading and answering questions. Quick check tomorrow over understanding big ideas in Chapter 2 Lesson 1 (five questions).

Thursday, September 8– Quick check today over Chapter 2 Lesson 1; reading and completing questions pages 50-53. The Quick Check is NOT for a grade, but to plan meaningful activities next week.

Friday, September 9– Investigating pages 54,  55, 56, and 57 with questions and completing review and reinforce pages in class. The reinforce pages are NOT an assignment outside of class. Monday, September 12, we are heading back to the science lab!

____   ____   ____   ____   ____   ____   ____    _____

Friday, September 2– We read and completed pages 39, 42, and 43 today. We also practiced measuring volume using cylinders! We measured displacement with items added into our graduated cylinders.

Enjoy the LONG weekend! 🙂

Thursday, September 1– We are digging into Chapter 2- Tools of Science!

Stations with scales today and also watching and discussing Bill Nye- Measurement to help us learn more about ther tools of science.

Wednesday, August 31– Chapter One final test today

Tuesday, August 30– Scientific Measurement Lab  stations. Chapter One final test tomorrow!Students should review vocabulary and Review/Assessment pages 29 and 30 to help study!

Monday, August 29– In class stations today; students should be reviewing Chapter One for final test on Wednesday.

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