Club/Department Pages

1. Log in to your admin site on your school.  If you do not know how to do that please see this post.


2.  Look under the heading Pages on the left side of the page.  There you will see listed each section that you have access to edit.  Click on a section you have available.




3.  Next you will see the departments you have access to.  Links that are grayed out are not available to you.  If you need access that you do not have please email me.



4. Next you will see a screen with Pages, Photo Album, Links, Audio & Video.  We will be covering Pages in this tutorial.  Others will come in later tutorials. Click on Pages.



5. If you have gone through the My Pages tutorial the rest of this will look familiar.  From here if your department pages have not been changed before you will see the staff list for your department by default.  This is also what shows on the website.  Find the drop down in the upper right hand corner and click on Create New Page.




6. The Create New Page popup will ask you for the type of page you want to create.  These other options are just an alternate way to get to the types of pages mentioned in step 4.  We will get to them in another tutorial.  Choose Other and enter a page title.




7.  The following page is where you will enter your content that you want on your department page.  You have simple formatting options and the ability to upload files to the bottom of your page.




8.  When you created  this new page.  It automatically created a new menu item for you on your department page.  This will show up on the right side of the page under your home page which is probably your staff page.




9.  Lets say we want the page we just create to be the home page for our department, not the staff page.  To do so click on the dropdown in the upper right again.




Click on Change Order.




10.  Next highlight the page you want to move and click the arrows to adjust its one place at a time.




11.  Next take a look at the Attach files and pictures section.  Note the file types allowed above the browse button.  Feel free to try it and delete what you upload.



12.  Last thing is the Save, Disable page and Delete buttons.

Save will commit your changes to the website.

Disable take your page off of the website but you will still be able to make changes on the back end.

Delete is permanent.  If you delete your page there is no way to recover it.  Be careful.  A good practise is to disable a page for 30 days before deleting it.