I Need Help With My Page

If you are stuck or have a problem, here is the correct escalation steps to follow. At the bottom I will list all of the links and resources.

1. Search the Edlio help files and this blog for help.

When you first struggle with something. Search the Edlio help files. If you can’t find it there search this blog (top right).

2. Create a ticket on helpdesk.

If you are unable to find your answer. Create a ticket, for me to follow up with you, on helpdesk.

3. Create a ticket with edlio.

If I am unavailable you can also create a ticket with Edlio. (see directory below) Also when you are on the back end of your site look at the top for the Technical Support link.
Turn around time for edlio tickets is around 48 hours.

4. Call me.

If you made a big mistake and need something fixed right away just call me. 867-8046

5. Edlio support line.

For emergencies only. Call me first. If you cannot get ahold of me and still need an emergency change made call the Edlio support line.
Toll-free between 8:30 AM and 10:30 PM, M–F: (866) 493-0800 (Pacific Time Zone)


Edlio Ticket system directory (must already be logged in the admin site for your school)