My Album

Before posting any pictures of students on your page please follow your school’s procedures for approving pictures for use on the web.

1. Log in to you account.

2. Click on My Album


3.  The My Album section works like a section of your site pages.  Once you create an album a link will be added to your menu that says Photo Album.


4. There are two sections on the page.  The top one is for Albums you can name and will show as a list of albums on the site page.  The second section is for photos that will be added to the Photo Albums page itself.

5. So to start. Look under the Main heading and click Upload Photos


6. You will see a page like below.   Clicking Add files will allow you to browse to files on your computer.  Or you can drag and drop them over the Drop files section.


7. After you have selected or dropped all of the pictures you want to upload you will see that they show up in the middle of the page with a red minus next to them.  This means they are not uploaded yet and  you can click the red minus if you want to remove any before upload.


8. When ready click the Start upload button and if all goes well you will receive a green check mark next to each successful upload.


9. If you now visit your page on the school site you will see that you have a Photo Album link under your name.


10. When you click it you will see the pictures you uploaded and you can click them to see an enlarged version.


11.  Back to the admin side of the site find and click on the See your photos button.


12.  Now you will see your Albums page again but with the addition of the pictures you just added.


13.  Now lets add an Album.  Find the Create Album button near the top.


14.  Name your album and click Ok.  Mine will be name Tux.


15.   You will once again see the upload page.  Notice it does tell you which album you are uploading to.


16.  Upload your pictures just like steps 7 and 8 and visit your page again on the school website.  You may need to refresh the page.  You will see the addition of the Album as a link on the page.


17. When you create a new Album pay very close attention to the breadcrumb menu.  The bolded link is the album you will create the new album in.


18. After all your pictures are uploaded you do have some editing ability.  You can move them by clicking Move above the thumbnail.


19. You also have some buttons below the thumbnails that are for making changes.  To use these buttons place a check mark above the picture you want to edit and click the button you want.


Thats it! You have a photo album.