Butler Blue 2015 Teacher setup

Step 1: Navigate to http://moodle.wws.k12.in.us (Firefox is recommended)

Step 2: Click on the forgot username link below the log in section.

Step 3: Enter your butler.edu email address in the Email address box and click Search directly below it. (be careful not to use the username search option)

Step 4: On the next page click continue and check your email for the generated message. Please allow up to 5 minutes before trying again.

Step 5: In your email you should see a message similar to below. Take note of your username from the first line and click the link at the bottom.


Hi Zach,

A password reset was requested for your account ‘username‘ at WWS Moodle.

To confirm this request, and set a new password for your account, please
go to the following web address:


Step 6: Enter your new password twice and click Save Changes

Step 7: This should automatically log you in. If Firefox is not your default browser I recommend logging out and logging in with Firefox. (Chrome works well also if you do not have Firefox)

Step 8: Once logged in under My Courses on the left you will see that you are enrolled in all courses for this class for viewing purposes. You will only have edit privileges for one of those courses. See the list below to find your assigned course.

Raychel Able blue2015-1
Robin Butler blue2015-2
Ellie Demuth blue2015-3
Lindsey Gemmill blue2015-4
Sam Good blue2015-5
Eleanor Hersh blue2015-6
Erika Holt blue2015-7
Johanna Johnson blue2015-8
Ashley Jones blue2015-9
Eder Lopez blue2015-10
Rachel Lovekamp blue2015-11
Ethan Maurer blue2015-12
Addie Moeller blue2015-13
Allee Overmyer blue2015-14
Duncan Ricci blue2015-15
Caroline Rico blue2015-16
Adam Rodgers blue2015-17
Kimbra Shaner blue2015-18
Abby Udelhofen blue2015-19
Rachel Valentine blue2015-20
Joshua Villafuerte blue2015-21
Candace Winfrey blue2015-22

Step 10: Once you have found your course go back to Moodle and open it by clicking on it under My Courses.

Step 11: Next find the Administration block on the left. In that block click on Users then Enrollment methods.

Step 12: On the next page in the center find Self enrollment (Student) and click the corresponding work wheel to the right.

Step 13: Find the box for Enrollment key and enter a simple password. You will be providing this password to students who wish to enroll in your course. You should not make this a personal password. Example: Intro to Computer Science might be compsci

Step 14: At this point you are in control of your course. You will want to explore your course settings under Administration > Edit settings. In these options please DO NOT change the Course category everything else is up to you.