Moodle to Canvas Transition

Move your Moodle course to Canvas.

1. Navigate to your Moodle course home page.


2. Locate the Administration box on the left and click the Backup link inside it.


3. On Backup Settings page make sure Include Activities, Include blocks, Include filters and Include question bank are all checked. Including any other information is optional but not likely to transfer.  No student information will transfer.  Click on Next.


4. On the Include page make sure that each activity you want to move is checked.  Ignore the red X’s on the right hand side.


5. On the next page choose a file name.  You can leave it as the default but take not of the date and time stamp at the end of the file so that you can find it easily if there are multiple other backups.  Beneath the file name you can see all your previous selections for the backup.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Perform Backup.



6. You will see a progress bar.  Wait until this is finished and click Continue. If you have any errors during the backup creation, close the page and start over.  If you continue to have backup issues contact Zach Blazier.



7. On the next page you will see the User private backup area.  Do not use the Course backup area if there is anything in there.  Find your course and click the download button on the right hand side.


8. Now you should have a copy of your course in your default download location.

9. You may now close Moodle and open Canvas and log in.


11. On the first page after log in you should see the Start a New Course button.


12. Name your course, choose a Content License, and click Create course.


13. From your course homepage click on the Settings link on the bottom left.


14. On the next page click Import Content into this Course.


15. Next click the dropdown next to Import Content and choose Moodle 1.9/2.x.


16.  This will change the options you have available.

a. Choose the file you just downloaded from Moodle.
b. Select a question bank if you have one.  Read more on this here.
c. Choose All content.
d. Leave Adjust event options blank.  (If you want to try this you may but since  we are not importing content in to the actual shell you will be using the dates will not be accurate anyway)
e. Click Import.


17.  Next wait on the import to complete.



18. Next click on the Home link in the top left and check your content.