Why Kahoot?

February 17, 2015 | 1 Comment

WOW!  I’m super excited to have been given an amazing opportunity to write a guest post for the Indiana Department of Education Digital Learning Blog.  This will be my 2nd year of posting a digital tool to share with Indiana educators.  I feel so honored to have had this opportunity.  I’m so grateful for the evolving movement of technology enhancement that have empowered others to develop incredible learning tools that allow educators to guide students toward owning their learning in this digital driven world.  Please check out my post on @GetKahoohttp://indianadld.blogspot.com/.  A great big shoutout to Amber Van Den Berg and Lynn Schemel (District Literacy Coach/Director of Professional Development & Assessment).  Thanks for sharing this tool during your recent PD session.

Here is a post from previous Digital Learning Month on Google Scripting & Doctopus

Thanks for reading this post!!!  #beingthechangeforabettertomorrow #MathamidGhandi

Tweet me @learnwithmaria & let me hear how you are incorporating these tools in your classroom!!!

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