Butler BLUE is a branch off of our Summer ROCKS initiative.  Butler University School of Education has partner with our school district for the opportunity to provide our WWS students with an enrichment opportunity in a hybrid course during the summer months.  The goal is to close the learning loss gap while at the same time enhance the learning opportunity for the students.  Butler students have the opportunity to gain awareness to the world of teaching in a online platform of Moodle.  Butler students are taking the course as a preparation for their upcoming field experience of student teaching.  The world of extending learning beyond the classroom walls with the support of the different LMS platform allow us to provide our students with this incredible opportunity for students to gain new knowledge from the comfort of their own home.  We started this program during the 2013 summer.  Due to the success of the program and a win-win model for all stakeholders involved in this project we wanted to continue building the success of this program.  Stay tune as we unleashed another fantastic opportunity for our WWS students to be involved with the Butler BLUE II.

Mission of Butler BLUE Hybrid Learning: 

  • Provide our WWS Students with more learning opportunity to reduce summer learning loss

  • Build partnership with a local college/university

  • Equipping our students with  21st Century Skills and college readiness

  • Provide pre-service Butler students with experience of teaching online class through Moodle LMS platform


More information to come about our upcoming Butler BLUE opportunity! If interested in learning more about Butler BLUE.  Please email:  esterlinem@wws.k12.in.us