Additional Information about Empty Bowls: 

We are very excited about two upcoming whole-school events.  One is the Empty Bowls Project. Many of your students have already begun crafting bowls in Art class for our Empty Bowls night on April 30, 5-7 P.M., at Westfield Middle School.  Six of our district schools have students creating bowls for this special event.
   The Empty Bowls Project uses art bowls to raise awareness about and money for local hunger issues.  Everyone in our school–students and staff–will have a bowl on display at the Middle School.  For a donation, you may walk away with the bowl of your choice.  The evening includes a simple meal of soup and bread, a reminder that some bowls get filled and others are empty.  
   There will be hundreds of bowls on display  You may choose from bowls by your students, our staff, the Central Office staff, and more than forty local celebrities.  That group includes Dick Wolfsie of Channel 8, Brad Holtz from WTTS-93, Mayor Andy Cook, Rupert Boneham, Chris Denari, the Fox Voice of the Pacers, and many more.  
   The Celebrity Bowl-athon is Tuesday, March 25, in our multipurpose room.  The celebrities will create their unique bowls and enjoy lunch from our PTO.  If you can help by providing a dessert that morning, we would be grateful.