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April 19, 2018 6:46 am

Getting Started with Action Teams

New directions require new efforts and commitment.  We’re organizing staff and inviting parents to be part of some of those new directions.  Please look at the bulleted teams listed below and the ideas under each one.  You’ll get an idea of some of what we’re working on and how you might help.  We’ve asked staff to find one area (or more) which excite them and to sign on for that team.  The same invitation goes to our parents.  Please review this list, consider what strengths and gifts you might have to offer, and then let me know your interests or your questions.  This is your first opportunity to lend a hand, but it won’t be the only one!

Action Teams (and selected ideas)

Monthly Mini-convocations

  • Select topics, arrange student and community speakers, set up MPR

Inside Beautification

  • Transform school’s interior—display cases, banners, new art, Habits bulletin board

Outside Beautification

  • Develop and “leaderize” exterior—door signs, entrance art, landscaping

Parent/Family Outreach

  • Chili Challenge, newsletter inserts, website, parent groups

Developing Community Support

  • Develop a traveling presentation team, community contacts, writing letters and thank-you’s, grants

Professional Growth

  • Individual TLIM time, staff tips, student surveys

1 response to Getting Started with Action Teams

  1. I would be interested in assisting in any area where help is needed with the exception of the Outside Beautification.

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