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February 18, 2018 5:34 am

Student-led Conferences

A major part of our leadership work is preparing and allowing students to lead their own parent conferences.  With a little bit of organization, this is much easier than one might imagine.  All students currently have leadership binders, the place where they keep track of academic growth and goals.  Since they keep that up-to-date regularly, it’s simple to sit down and explain it to peers, teachers, and even parents.

This year we asked teachers, if they felt ready, to try SLC’s for our scheduled parent/teacher conferences.  Teacher–and therefore student–participation was nearly unanimous.  Conference week is just coming to an end, and while we’ll be spending time in the coming weeks processing what we learned, here are some preliminary staff comments:

  • Seeing the smiles on students’ faces as they shared their improvement & accomplishments reminded me of the value of student-led conferences.  It was heart-warming to see the pride they took in their work.
  • Student-led conferences are invaluable.  Even when having a tough conversation, my first graders spoke with confidence and showed their parents that they had a plan for improvement.  It was special to watch!
  • I think my favorite SLC this year was with one of my kiddos who is usually very quiet.  He rose to the occasion and found his voice while leading his conference. I barely spoke and he took charge throughout the entire time. I beamed with pride!
  • SLC’s were AWESOME!
  • One of my EL kiddos translated her whole conference in Spanish for her dad, and it was so neat to see her do that. Not only did she get to explain to her dad how she is doing in class, but she had another leadership role to listen to me in English, and then tell her dad in Spanish.
  • I LOVE Student-led Conferences! Hearing kids explain strengths, growth, WIGs, and give an honest evaluation of themselves is amazing!
I’m so proud of the staff and students for investing in SLC’s.  Empowering children AND adults on this leadership journey.

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