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June 18, 2018 12:12 pm

Top Ten 4th Grade Questions

At the end of Day One of the school year, our 4th grade teachers gathered their four classes together to see what questions these new 4th graders might have.  What had they heard, wondered about, worried about–ask away!

You might be interested in what was on their minds, so here are the first ten questions they asked, in order, with answers.

  1. How long will we be at Camp Tecumseh?  A: It’s an overnight trip, and we’ll be going on April 19.
  2. How old is Washington Woods?  A: The building is starting its 15th year; the school goes back to 1960 when it was Washington Elementary.
  3. Will we be doing the Indiana Program?  A:  Yes, in the spring, and that’s also when you’ll bring in a white t-shirt for the silk screen project.  3A: What kind of t-shirt?  A:  100% cotton is best.
  4. Will we be making slime?  A:  In fact, yes!  That’s part of your science work in the spring.
  5. Will the cafeteria still be serving cupcakes at the end of each month to celebrate birthdays?  A:  Of course!
  6. What are the Multiplication King and Queen?  A:  Students learn their multiplication facts during the year, and all who qualify for the final contest can compete for the crown of King or Queen.
  7. Why do we teach the 7 Habits and who wrote them?  A: We teach them because they help develop important qualities of leadership in all students and adults.  They were collected and organized by Dr. Stephen Covey.
  8. Why did we have today’s very short convocation?  A: So that we could begin on Day One with a focus on student leadership.
  9.  Will there be a Field Day?  A:  Absolutely!
  10. Will our class make t-shirt pillows?  A:  Only if you’re in Mrs. Joseph’s class!!

I was happy to stumble onto this meeting and hear what the students were thinking about–hope you enjoyed it, too.

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