Welcome back WMS music students!  As school begins, I’m sure you will be overwhelmed with information about your new classes and teachers.  Here in the WMS Music Department, we thought it would be fun to share 7 things you DON’T need to know about us – our quirky little secrets that we are kind enough to let you in on.  So let’s get started…

#1.  I love fresh salsa.  Ole!  There isn’t much else you can say about it. I found a fabulous recipe for fresh salsa that is easy to make in a food processor and oh so delicious!  If you are a chef, check out the recipe here.  You won’t be sad that you did.  1 jalapeno is enough to add some heat.  Kick in 2 if you are really adventurous (and a little crazy)!

#2.  We recently got rid of our cable – and it broke my heart.  My husband and I decided it was insane to pay as much as we were being charged for cable, so we ditched it.  We now watch TV using a digital converter box (what’s that you ask?), the internet, Hulu, and Netflix.  So far, it’s been enough!  What program can I not access right now that I desperately miss?  Flipping Out on Bravo for sure!  I love that Jeff Lewis!  “Get me 70% Sprite, 20% Fruit Punch, and 10% Lemonade.”  If you watch the show, you’ll understand that quote.  I’m a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie.


#3. I spend every Monday night watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette with my girlfriends (when the show is in season).  See?!  Here we go with the reality TV again.  Being with my friends is a fun way to connect and enjoy some time together.  Generally any real viewing of the show is overshadowed by our sarcastic commentary.  I’m pretty sure this week Chris Harrison (left) will announce the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!  (I say that because EVERY week is supposedly “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.”)


#4. I participated in marching band in high school for 4 years, but did something different almost every year.  Year 1: I marched with my alto saxophone and LOVED it!  Year 2: I twirled batons as a majorette.  (I got to wear sequins.  Who doesn’t like wearing sequins?)  Years 3 and 4: I conducted the band as Drum Major.


#5. I really enjoy reading novels set in coastal beach towns.  Message in a Bottle (Sparks) and The Violets of March (Jio) are two of my favorites that I read somewhat recently.  I’m currently reading The Help.  What books did you read this summer that you would recommend?


#6. I am an amateur photographer.  When I say amateur – I mean AMATEUR!  I do love photography and especially photos of my daughter and puppy.  I get excited talking about lenses, flashes, ISO settings, and all that geeky stuff.  Here is a photo I took of our daughter this summer.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.  Her beautiful green eyes sparkle when you can see it in larger form!



#7. My favorite singer in the entire world is Jane Monheit (right).  I was introduced to her music one lazy day at Barnes and Noble when they used to have those listening centers in the music area highlighting new artists.  Monheit was one of them and I was hooked from the moment I heard the first notes come out of her mouth.  If you like vocal jazz, check her out on Spotify.  You will thank me that you did – over and over and over.  Over the Rainbow and A Case of You are two of my favorites that she sings!



Feel free to leave a comment below sharing anything about yourself that may help me get to know you (parents and students alike).  You can also share any of our blog posts (for instance, if you want to tell your family members how loony the new music teacher is).  To do so, click on the “Share/Save” button below and automatically post this to Facebook or Twitter!