Thank you so much to all of the students who auditioned for next year’s Vocal Motion.  There were so many impressive voices!  Our choral program is growing so much that we had 149 students audition for 46 spots.  Next year’s group will be very heavy on 8th grade students.  If you were not placed in Vocal Motion for next year, I certainly hope you will keep singing.  There are many challenges in each of our groups.  If you will be in 8th grade next year, don’t forget that continuing singing creates a seamless transition into our high school ensembles.

If you are wanting a challenge this year, don’t forget about our school’s talent show on April 25!  Mrs. Rivers, Mrs. Safford, and Miss Johnson will be putting information about auditions out in the coming month.  In addition, our Visual and Performing Arts programs at WMS and WHS will be putting on our first “arts open house” called Rock the Arts on Saturday, April 19th from 1-4 PM.  Some students may be asked if they would like to perform at this event (held at WHS).

Thank you again for all of the work you put into auditions!

Mrs. Smith


Vocal Motion 2014-2015 (in no particular order)


S. Hamlet (8)

I. Miller (8)

B. Welch (8)

N. Socrates (8)

L. Partlow (8)

C. Parisi (8)

E. Rastatter (8)

A. Sullivan (8)

E. Bays (8)

D. Martin (8)

E. Walpole (8)

L. Jennings (8)

C. Fekete (8)

S. Baker (8)

J. Flannery (8)

C. Driver (8)

K. Mick (8)

E. Walton (8)

C. Kern (8)

E. Stephan (8)

S. Green (8)

A. Budd (8)

A. Nguyen (8)

N. Penry (7)

S. Novak (7)

A. Burke (7)

M. Merrill (7)

E. Anania (7)

O. Weber (7)

A. Colip (7)

M. Pietras (7)


M. Mirande (8)

N. Brazus (8)

J. Espey (8)

C. Caldwell (8)

K. Biggerstaff (8)

P. Ryan (8)

A. Wessel (8)

J. Stegner (8)

S. Novak (8)

R. Wentz (8)

C. McLaren (8)

C. Frye (8)

G. Dirks (7)

A. Williams (7)

T. McPhail (7)