WMS Vocal Motion 2018-2019


Congratulations to the following students selected for Vocal Motion 2018-2019.  I want to tell every student who auditioned how proud I am of their bravery.  These decisions weren’t easy.  I hope to see all who auditioned in one of our ensembles next year.  We are going to have a great year!

Thank you!

Mrs. Smith

Adams, Reese (8)
Alber, Collin (7)
Annandale, Erin (7)
Bell, Olivia (8)
Bertram, Eve (8)
Bluto, Luci (8)
Cheng, Lilly (8)
Clark, Abby (8)
Clark, Avery (8)
Collard, Lucy (8)
Connor, Keegan (7)
Emgenbroich, Allison (7)
Feltz, Grace (7)
Flynn, Noah (7)
Foster, Lily (8)
Greenwalt, Addison (7)
Hiple, Finley (7)
Hogsett, Eden (8)
Huffman, Ethan (7)
Hunter, Beck (8)
Jacobus, Caroline (7)
Kemper, Anna (8)
Kock, Lani (8)
Meadors, Tatum (8)
Meyers, Kenzie (7)
Milligan, Noah (7)
Muntel, Lucy (8)
Neff, Molly (8)
Novak, Liam (7)
Pineda, Lily (8)
Pollard, Caden (8)
Reynolds, Case (8)
Roberts, Kaylee (8)
Rupp, Anastasia (8)
Schrock, Cadence (7)
Schultz, Charlie (8)
Stone, Brent (8)
Strong, Sawyer (8)
Welch, Mark (7)
Willis, Brenna (8)
Wood, Stephanie (8)

2015-2016 Vocal Motion Results


Thank you to all who auditioned for the Advanced/Show Choir, Vocal Motion.  If you were not placed in the group, please, please, please still sign up for choir!  We still need your voice and leadership in our program!  For those who were placed in the group, congratulations!  I am looking forward to a great year next year!


Mrs. Smith



Anya B. – 8

Ashton C.– 8

Delaney H. – 8

Eden J. – 8

Elie A. – 8

Kylar K. – 8

Julie H. – 8

Makayla M. – 8

McKenna E.  – 8

Megan P. – 8

Morgan G. – 8

Natalie P.  – 8

NaTaya P. – 8

Olivia W. – 8

Rachel C. – 8

Samantha L. – 8

Sophia N.  – 8

Abbey C. – 7

Cassidy M. – 7

Elayna R. – 7

Ellye T. – 7

Emily R. – 7

Ella H. – 7

Grace C. – 7

Grace D. – 7

Julia C. – 7

Kendra B. – 7

Mairin W. – 7

Mallory C. – 7



Aiden W. – 8

Alan O. – 8

Gavin D. – 8

Traig M. – 8

Tyler J. – 8

Connor H.– 7

Ty S. – 7


**None of the students who attended choreography callbacks have the same first name and last initial, so there should be no discrepancies.


Advanced/Show Choir Auditions 2015


Show Choir Dancers

Do you love to sing and perform?  The Westfield Middle School choral program is holding auditions for the 2015-2016 Advanced/Show Choir “Vocal Motion.” Pick up an audition packet from your music teacher at WIS or Mrs. Mustaklem at WMS.  If you prefer, download one from the link below!  Vocal auditions are submitted via video through a secure link to Mrs. Smith (Choral Director on maternity leave right now). You can do the entire audition from your phone, iPad, or iPod if have video recording and an internet browser on your device.  It’s really easy!  Follow the instructions in the packet.


*Note: It is EXTREMELY important that you follow the instructions in the packet and STATE YOUR NAME at the beginning of your video.  If you do not do so, I will most likely have no idea who you are!  Also, make sure you sing “Happy Birthday” after your selected song.  


After vocal audition videos are viewed, Mrs. Smith will invite students who seem like they may be a good fit to attend choreography “callbacks.”  This is a short dance audition that will be held as a large group in the choir room at the Middle School on April 29.  Students will be notified via a letter at school if they are invited to attend the callback.

YouTube Preview Image

Important Audition Dates:

April 21: Video Submissions are Due
April 21: Audition Forms are due to your music teacher
April 29: Choreography Callbacks
May 1: Audition results posted right here on the blog!




2014-2015 Vocal Motion


Thank you so much to all of the students who auditioned for next year’s Vocal Motion.  There were so many impressive voices!  Our choral program is growing so much that we had 149 students audition for 46 spots.  Next year’s group will be very heavy on 8th grade students.  If you were not placed in Vocal Motion for next year, I certainly hope you will keep singing.  There are many challenges in each of our groups.  If you will be in 8th grade next year, don’t forget that continuing singing creates a seamless transition into our high school ensembles.

If you are wanting a challenge this year, don’t forget about our school’s talent show on April 25!  Mrs. Rivers, Mrs. Safford, and Miss Johnson will be putting information about auditions out in the coming month.  In addition, our Visual and Performing Arts programs at WMS and WHS will be putting on our first “arts open house” called Rock the Arts on Saturday, April 19th from 1-4 PM.  Some students may be asked if they would like to perform at this event (held at WHS).

Thank you again for all of the work you put into auditions!

Mrs. Smith


Vocal Motion 2014-2015 (in no particular order)


S. Hamlet (8)

I. Miller (8)

B. Welch (8)

N. Socrates (8)

L. Partlow (8)

C. Parisi (8)

E. Rastatter (8)

A. Sullivan (8)

E. Bays (8)

D. Martin (8)

E. Walpole (8)

L. Jennings (8)

C. Fekete (8)

S. Baker (8)

J. Flannery (8)

C. Driver (8)

K. Mick (8)

E. Walton (8)

C. Kern (8)

E. Stephan (8)

S. Green (8)

A. Budd (8)

A. Nguyen (8)

N. Penry (7)

S. Novak (7)

A. Burke (7)

M. Merrill (7)

E. Anania (7)

O. Weber (7)

A. Colip (7)

M. Pietras (7)


M. Mirande (8)

N. Brazus (8)

J. Espey (8)

C. Caldwell (8)

K. Biggerstaff (8)

P. Ryan (8)

A. Wessel (8)

J. Stegner (8)

S. Novak (8)

R. Wentz (8)

C. McLaren (8)

C. Frye (8)

G. Dirks (7)

A. Williams (7)

T. McPhail (7)



Holiday Choral Concert Information


Holiday Choral Concert Dress Rehearsal

Monday, December 16th

Pick-Up Times Below (Pick-Up is in front of WHS)

Year-Long Choir & Women’s Choir 2:30-4:00

Show Choir 2:30-4:30

*Students will walk across the street to WHS as a group after school.

WHS/WMS District Holiday Choral Concert

Tuesday, December 17th

7 PM, WHS Auditorium

WMS students are to report to the WHS LGI at 6:30 PM

*Arrive early as seating will be limited even with students not sitting in the auditorium for this concert


Adopt-A-Resident Holiday Program


I am thrilled to announce that the WMS Choirs are partnering with Maple Park Retirement Village (next to WHS) AGAIN this holiday season!  As some of you may remember, we began our community partnership last year and provided 40 residents with small holiday gifts.  This is a great opportunity for our students and families to come together in an effort to learn a little bit about community service, charity, and giving to others.  Most of the residents at Maple Park are there on Medicaid and the Village receives no additional assistance for the holiday season.  That’s where we step in!

There are 2 holiday trees in the choir room that will be filled with ornaments (beginning tomorrow, Tuesday) containing the names and needs of 40 residents at Maple Park. Their needs are often very small, ranging from sweatshirts and socks to body wash, lotion, and bracelets. If you have it in your heart to help a Westfield resident who would really appreciate a small gift this holiday season, please e-mail me (I will send you a resident’s info) or have your student pull an ornament from our tree!  The tree ornaments will state exactly the person’s name and a few ideas for gifts for them.  You do not need to purchase every item on their wish list. I always encourage students to collaborate with their friends and adopt a resident together so that each student is taking on a smaller financial burden, but that the resident is taken care of nicely!

Don’t want to adopt a resident?  Please consider donating items to their BINGO BOX.  Residents enjoy playing bingo weekly and the most exciting part for them is winning fun prizes.  Here are “favorite” items of the residents:

  • “Fun” size candy bars (not mini)
  • Cans of Pop (can be the mini size, but don’t have to be)
  • Snack-packs of any type (like what you would give to a sports team – cookies, crackers, chips, etc.)
  • Travel-size lotions and hand sanitizer (mostly lotion) and holders for the bottles
  • Beanie Babies and Mini Beanie Babies (can be used if in good condition – residents like to give these to their family members as gifts)
  • Small stuffed animals or baby dolls (can be used if in good condition)
  • Crossword Puzzles or Word Search books
  • Any fun items that YOU would want to win at BINGO!

With Black Friday coming up, I wanted to get this information out to you prior to this weekend so that you could do some inexpensive shopping should you and your student choose to participate.  Last year I took two FULL car loads to Maple Park Village and the staff was SO overwhelmed with our generosity.  I know many of us are pulled in many directions at the holiday season, but if you do not have another family or child that you are adopting, consider adopting a resident!


Inspiring Videos in the World of Music and Beyond


Mother Sings to Emotional Baby

If you haven’t ever seen this video, it is a “must watch” (and I am not saying that just because I am pregnant)!  The baby girl’s face is just too sweet when she listens to her mother’s singing.

YouTube Preview Image


Kid President’s “Things We Should Say More Often”

Our first period choir class took a look at this during iRock this week and created our own lists of things we should say more often.  A few student responses not on this video:

“I’m proud of you.”

“How can I help you?”

“Nice to meet you.”

“My pleasure.”

“I love you.”

YouTube Preview Image

I would give each of my students corn dogs if I could!  If you don’t understand this, you didn’t watch the video.


Life = Risk

YouTube Preview Image


Fun Fridays


I like to share fun videos that I come across through social media or links that friends pass my direction.  The kids get a kick out of them and it is great for them to see unique performances.  If you’ve never seen Pentatonix perform, I highly suggest you watch a few of their videos.  They take current music and write a capella arrangements to suit their five-voice group.  This “Evolution of Music” video takes you through time.  They are all amazing, but the bass and the beat boxer really wowed me!

YouTube Preview Image

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir


Students in the choirs were introduced to Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir today via the TED video below.  Eric Whitacre is a well-known choral composer who thought it would be neat to collect videos of people from all around the world singing their voice part to one of his songs.  He collected all of the videos and layered them on top of one another to create the world’s first Virtual Choir!  The video below is 15 minutes long and chronicles how the Virtual Choir came to be, described by Eric Whitacre himself.  It is well worth your 15 minutes of viewing.  To see all of the Virtual Choirs, check out the videos following.  Virtual Choir 4.0 is very different from the others in style and in animation!

 Eric Whitacre’s Speech about how the Virtual Choir came to be:


Virtual Choir 1.0“Lux Aurumque”

YouTube Preview Image


Virtual Choir 2.0“Sleep”

YouTube Preview Image


Virtual Choir 3.0“Water Night”

YouTube Preview Image


Virtual Choir 4.0“Fly to Paradise”

YouTube Preview Image


Vocal Motion takes Butler by Storm!


I’m a little delayed in posting about this, but a big shout out to Vocal Motion on a great performance of the National Anthem at Butler.  Check it out below!

Vocal Motion students posing with Blue II and Blue III just before their performance.


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