Westfield Middle School Choral Department

Director: Mrs. Emily Smith

Students in the WMS Choirs learn how to develop their voices, musicality, and performance skills, all while deepening their love of and appreciation for music.  Musicians are introduced to a variety of musical genres including classical, folk, musical theater, pop, rock, spirituals, and more!  Ear training, sight-singing (learning how to sing something from the sheet music without having heard it before), basic music theory, and vocal technique are addressed on a daily basis in class.  Students in Year-Long, Women’s and Show Choir will perform at our trimester concerts throughout the year.  These concerts may require a minimal amount of after-school rehearsals in order to prepare for the performances.  All concerts are required as they are the culminating activity of all that we learn in class.  Trimester Choir students are not required to perform at concerts outside of the school day.  Concert dates for the year are listed below.

Concert Attire

Year-Long Choir: Students are required to wear a Westfield Music polo shirt ($20), black pants, and black shoes for concerts.  Payment is due by October 4, 2013.

Show Choir: Students are required to purchase show concert attire.  All Concert Attire pricing and information is included in the Choir Policies.  PAYMENT is due by October 4, 2013.


Click here:  Choir Handbook 2013  

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