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Mr. Byers' second grade class, Carey Ridge Elementary
Isabella’s Book Report #3

The Jaguar’s Jewel

Isabella Naughton


The Jaguar’s Jewel was really amazing book. The main character is named Dink, he is with his friends Josh and Ruth Rose, and they are visiting Dink’s uncle. When they got off the train Josh and Ruth Rose got to meet Dink’s uncle in New York City. Dink’s uncle is named Uncle Warren. Uncle Warren ordered valuable stuff like a challis, and he had a friend named Dr. Pitts have a look at it. When Dr. Pitts found out the green emerald was fake, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose decided to go in the office. In the office they saw a shadow! Then they found out Dr. Pitts replaced the emerald and tried to steal it. Yvonne called the police and was thrown into jail. I think this book was amazing because it had you wonder lot.


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