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Mr. Byers' second grade class, Carey Ridge Elementary
Sagan’s Book Report #2

The Lucky Lottery

By Sagan Blansette


My book A to Z Mysteries: The Lucky Lottery was a really awesome book. The main characters are named Josh, Dink and Ruth Rose, and they are really good at sketching. Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose went to Lucky’s house, and his lottery ticket was gone. They went to a retirement home and talked to Lucky`s Grandpa. They went to the supermarket to see a tape of who took the lottery ticket. They figured out the thief was Dot Calm. They chased Dot Calm but they couldn`t keep up so they sent Pal to get her. I think this book was awesome because I really like mysteries and I think Josh is really cool.


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  1. Mr. Byers says:

    Great job, Sagan!

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