Byers Blog
Mr. Byers' second grade class, Carey Ridge Elementary
Class Info

Schedule at a Glance

8:45-9:15 School Begins

  • AMP (Awesome Morning Practice)
  • Daily Announcements
  • Restroom Break
  • Morning Meeting
9:15-10:15 Math Block

  • · Small Group Mini-lessons
  • · Practice Work
  • · Computation/Math Facts
  • · Logic/Problem Solving
9:20 – 10:00 Language Arts/Theme Block

  • · Language Arts Concepts
  • · Theme-based Activities

(Soc. St./Science/Health)

10:00 – 11:00 Literacy Work Stations

  • · Self-selected Reading/A.R.
  • · Book Clubs (Guided Reading)
  • · Spelling/Phonics Focus
  • · Working with Words
11:00 – 11:25 Recess
11:30 – 12:00 Lunch
12:05 – 12:20 Shared Reading

  • · Partner Reading
  • · D.E.A.R.
  • · Class Read-alouds
12:20 – 1:20 Literacy Groups

1:25 – 2:00 Science/Social Studies
Pack up, Restroom
2:15 – 3:00 Special Class(P.E., Art, Music & Media)
3:00 – 3:10 Dismissal

Curriculum at a Glance


Students will receive daily instruction in mathematics with an emphasis on number operations, measurement, and application skills.  Students will utilize problem-solving skills and apply mathematics to real life situations.  We will use related fiction and non-fiction literature to expand on real life situations.

Children are expected to already know addition and subtraction facts through the sum of 12.  Before the end of second grade students must know facts through 20.

Social Studies

The focus of our program will be on communities, history, government, and geography.  Fiction and non-fiction literature will help focus our studies throughout the school year.


Our science curriculum focuses upon key themes such as Science and Tech-nology, the Living Environment, the Physical Setting, and the Mathematical World.  Some subtopics include plants, animals, human body and nutrition, matter, and the scientific process.

Language Arts

Our language arts program integrates reading, writing, spelling and oral language instruction.  The literature used in the reading book is a variety of award winning stories and will be incorporated into science and social studies topics.  Reading skills and strategies will be emphasized throughout the year.  Making connections, summarizing the story, comprehending the main idea, and predicting outcomes are stressed in every piece.  Additionally, students will study related vocabulary and spelling.


Second graders will begin participating in “process writing” which includes drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.  Additionally, students will be given direct instruction using the Six Traits (ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions) format.

Second grade will use a similar literacy club model to what 1st grade at CRES did last year.  This is to better meet various instructional levels for reading fluency and comprehension. We will start our program in 5 to 6 weeks.


Second grade will be using the same grading system used in first grade.  Our report cards highlight key Indiana state standards.  Instead of seeing the traditional letter grades, you will see pluses, minuses, the letter O, and blank spaces.

Spelling (Sitton + Phonics)

Sitton spelling emphasizes student mastery of spelling skills that will allow them to spell words correctly in all situations versus memorizing words for a weekly test.  Students will have spelling units.  Students will be assessed in a variety of formats including fill in the blank tests, word work where skills are applied, and everyday and formal writing.  This will be coupled with vocabulary words and will rotate weekly in a traditional manner.

NWEA Testing

The NWEA Computer Standardized test will be taken three times this year:  fall, winter, and spring.  This test is a useful tool that allows teachers to individualize key standards within subjects.  Also, over time teachers are able to chart student progress from multiple test-taking experiences.

School Rules

Follow directions the first time they are given.

Be respectful to other’s space and feelings.

Be an active listener.


verbal praise

notes/phone calls home



Verbal warning

time out

phone/note home

sent to Mrs. Hobson, Mr. Hall, or Mrs. Yoder

*serious offense skip to #4.

Other Information

Specials:  We alternate Art, Music, PE, and Media Center (in that order).

Absences:  All absences need to be phoned into the office (867-6200).  When returning to school, please send a note regarding the child’s absence.  These are sent to the nurse for her records.

Tardy:  All students will be considered tardy if they arrive after the 8:45 a.m. bell.  This is a district policy that is being emphasized this year.

Early Dismissal:  All students leaving the building prior to 3:10 must be checked out at the office.  This includes classroom party days.  Previously the policy allowed for a 3:00 dismissal with a parent.  The new policy is district-wide and is being emphasized this year.

Dismissal Procedures: Parents altering their child’s normal dismissal procedure must notify the office by note or phone (867-6200) by 2:00.  We will follow your child’s normal dismissal procedure if we do not receive a note or phone call.  If your child is going home with another child please send a note for both the teacher and the bus driver.

Lunch Money: All lunch money can be sent to school with your child in either the school lunch money envelope given every month or a regular envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and amount written on the front.

Tentative Field Trips: Fire, Police, and Post Office; 4-H Agriculture Day; Indianapolis Zoo and an in house field trip with Adzook’s Puppets.

Birthdays: The children may bring store-bought or bakery-bought treats to school on their birthdays. Please contact me 2 days prior to learn of any food allergies and to arrange an appropriate time.

Drinks:  Students may bring a water bottle for his or her desk.  We also have a water fountain that may be used throughout the day.

Book Orders: Book orders will be sent home.  Please make checks payable to the book company.  Do not send cash or checks written to the teacher.

Recess Equipment from Home: The following equipment allowed to be brought to outdoor recess:  footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, kick balls, tennis balls.  Please check the Student Handbook for more information on recess rules and procedures.


Homework helps reinforce what has been learned in class, teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study skills.

Homework Schedule: Students will receive a packet of homework on Monday. The completed homework packet is due on Friday.

Please see your child’s homework folder for more detailed information.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Do his or her best job on each assignment.
  • Write work neatly.
  • Do all work in pencil unless other directions are given.
  • Complete and turn in homework on or before Friday.

Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Make homework a positive experience and top priority.
  • Provide necessary supplies.
  • Provide a quiet homework environment.
  • Set aside time for homework to be completed.
  • Provide praise and support.
  • Help when needed.
  • Contact me if you notice a problem.