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Mr. Byers' second grade class, Carey Ridge Elementary
Mr. Byers

Although I grew up in Alabama, I graduated from Noblesville High School in 1994 and from Ball State University in 1999. This is my 12th year teaching at Carey Ridge, eleven of which I’ve been on the second grade team. I am married and have 3 wonderful children. Collin is thirteen years old and attends school at Westfield Middle; Griffin and Erin are seven-year-old twins who are in second grade here at Carey Ridge.

We are quite a busy family.  Perhaps you’ve seen my wife teaching karate at Westfield Family Karate.  Or maybe you’ve seen me at the dojo, where all three kids are involved in the martial arts.  You might have seen me picking up all three kids from various scouting activities or hanging out at the soccer fields here in Westfield.  If I ever have “off-time,” I like to practice my guitar, run/bike, read and write, go out to eat, and mess around with our homestead.  Oh, and I really like coffee.

I truly believe that teaching is a calling, and for some reason I was born to do so.  This is not a cliche:  kids are the future.  More times than not, a second grader comes to school motivated to learn (although he might rather be playing with his DS).  A teacher’s number one job is to facilitate learning, individualize expectations, and motivate for success.  I am a firm believer in Westfield-Washington School’s Working on the Work ideology that student engagement directly correlates to student achievement.