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Mr. Byers' second grade class, Carey Ridge Elementary

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on our blog, but I have accumulated a number of classroom photos and have informed some kids of my intention to publish kids’ work here. It appears that I had better get my act in gear. I will post several photo albums here this week, with […]

It is my understanding that teacher placement postcards will be arriving shortly.  School is just around the corner! This year we will be utilizing our Moodle class site on a near-daily basis.  Moodle is a free e-learning software platform that I can use for many, many great things.  Online quizzes, forums, polls, web links, blogs, […]

I’m spending today at Westfield’s corporate office in a technology class, and it’s very exciting to see how we can integrate technology into the classroom.   Of course picking up a new iPod Touch for classroom use is pretty sweet.  Our morning is being spent learning about Moodle, a powerful web-based blackboard tool that hopefully the […]