Internet Safety Grades K-2

We focused on 3rd-4th grade classrooms with our Internet safety presentations this week; however, there are very good resources for our K-2 students too. You may be interested in the following:

  • McGruff’s FauzPaw the Techno Cat video
  • Remind students that they should be with a parent or a trusted adult when using the Internet.
  • Discuss what “personal information” is with children (name, age, address, etc.) and why it is important NOT to give personal information out to strangers.
  • Use grades K-2 activities from NetSmartz. Watch the Know the Rules and Be Safer Online videos (both under two minutes). These videos star NetSmartz characters Clicky, Nettie, and Webster and even have catchy tunes.
  • Use any of the great CyberSmart lesson plans and activity worksheets for K-1 and 2-3.
  • Discuss basic copyright rules with students by visiting Cyberbee.
  • Parents are encouraged to continue Internet Safety discussions at home to reinforce the lessons learned at school. Print and use the K-2 Internet Safety and Real World Safety pledges (version for primary grades) from NetSmartz.

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